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EMMC Storage on PixiePro

PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:14 am
by samsakhare
Currently to run PixiePro, we need a Minimum 16GB of SD Card on which available Linux images can be installed.
But installing OS on SD card has following
    1. Slow Read Write Speed :
      To see a comparison between read write speed of SD vs EMMC
      see this you tube video
    BUT : The dual microSD card ports in PixiePro are capable of delivering up to 104MB/s each, for up to 208MB/s

    2. Program Security :
      Mostly SBC's like PixiePro will be used by Hobbies, enthusiast for making a commercial product. where they would not like any one to copy their work with an ease of copying it from SD to another System (i.e any one can copy the SD card to replicate same functionality on other system).

      Thus installing OS Image on a Flash or EMMC will help users keep their ideas/products/codes safe (if not safe at-least hard to copy and replicate)

So if we get a EMMC (8GB / 16GB / 32GB Storage) variant in Pixie Pro, it will go one step further being the next choice for every embedded project.

Re: EMMC Storage on PixiePro

PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 10:42 pm
by tequilaguru
This is something we are considering, it is possible to do using the expansion pins (an SDIO interface is available in the expansion board connector, this is compatible with 4-bit eMMC)

We have tested some very speedy SD Cards (the ones we ship deliver around 40MB/s Read and 25MB/s Write) and they work perfectly with PixiePro and we see improving every day.

This is however something that has been requested often, and we of course are listening to our customers feedback.

As for code security PixiePro can boot several sources (burning boot fuses) from SATA, SD, eMMC (via expansion port), USB and the i.MX6 has high assurance boot, which will help you secure your code with encryption

Thanks a ton for your feedback and we are working hard to solve some of these shortcomings