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Connecting to a wireless network via GUI

The Network Manager applet provides a tool and a panel applet used to configure wired and wireless network connections through GUI. It's designed for use with any desktop environment that uses GTK+ like Xfce and LXDE.

In order to connect to a Wi-Fi network:

1. Open the nm-applet icon tray on your desktop panel

2. Select the name of the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.


Connecting to a wireless network via CLI

The included NetworkManager text user interface, nmtui, provides a text interface to configure wireless networks.

To start nmtui, issue the command as follows:

$sudo nmtui

The text user interface appears. To navigate, use the arrow keys. Press Enter to select an option. The Space bar toggles the status of a check box.

  • To search for available networks, select the option Activate a connection
  • Select a Wi-Fi network from the list and specify the password in order to authenticate to the network.
  • Choose the Quit option

In order to test connectivity:

$ ping -c 3