Getting Started with PixiePro

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These are the essential accessories you need in order to get your PixiePro up and running.

Accessory Required
PixiePro Board Yes
Power Supply Yes
microSD Card Yes (At least 16 GB)
  • The power supply is required to provide 5V/1.5 A over a 5.5mm outer diameter and 2.1mm inner diameter barrel connector.
  • The minimum SD card size recommended is 16 GB. This will give you enough space In order to install additional packages or programs in PixiePro.

Optional Accessories

Accessory Required
USB keyboard if using a GUI Desktop/ Kodi
USB Mouse if using a GUI Desktop
TV/Monitor + HDMI Cable (Type A to Type D micro) if using a GUI Desktop/Kodi
3G Antenna if using 3G Module
GPS Antena if using a GPS
WiFi+ BT Antenna if using Internet/ Bluetooth
Debug Cable for accessing Linux from serial console
Digital Audio TOSlink Cable for optical audio

Please visit the official Treats4Geeks store in order to buy the original accessories for PixiePro