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Important Notes

PixiePro OoBES software is still in early development stage.

Known Bugs and Issues

Name of the bug Description
Internet Sharing Internet Sharing cannot be activated with the toggle button
3G 3G settings cannot be changed in the web interface
Wi-Fi manager list Some SSIDs are being duplicated in the Wi-Fi manager list


You have already flashed and booted an SD card with the latest Archlinux ARM image. The next thing to do is to configure your PixiePro. The Out of the Box Experience Setup (OoBES) is a built-in package which you can use in order to change and check some of the settings of PixiePro.

The options available are:

  • Device Information: Information box containing hostname, operating system and kernel version.
  • Services: This option allows you to enable/disable system services such as Internet Sharing, Audio Streaming and NAS
  • Audio Source: This box is used to select the default audio source for PixiePro (Analog, Optical, or HDMI)
  • UAP0/WLP1S0 Interface: Information box containing Mac Address, IP Address and Netmask for the Wi-Fi and 3G Interface.
  • Connected Clients: When using PixiePro as an Access Point (AP), this table shows information (Mac Address, IP and hostname) of all the connected clients.
  • Internet Sharing: When using PixiePro as an Access Point (AP), this feature allows you to share your 3G connection to all the connected clients.
  • Wi-Fi Manager: This tool enables you to scan, add, save, inititate and terminate Wi-Fi connections.

Accessing OoBES

By default, the Out of the Box Experience Setup is already enabled and ready for use at the first boot.

  • In order to access OoBES:
  1. Connect to "PixiePro" wireless network using your computer or mobile device. The default password is "pixiepro"
  2. Open your browser and go to
  • If you want to enable Pixie OoBES at every boot:
$sudo systemctl enable pixie-hotspot-enable.service

Connect to a Wireless Network

  • Select you WiFi network


  • Insert the password and click the "OK" button


3G Connectivity

Share your 3G connection (Under development)


Stream Audio via Wi-Fi


Selecting Audio Source