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Forum Rules

Postby mcj » Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:19 pm

Welcome to Treats 4 Geeks Forum!

This community is an open place to share informations. To make sure it works as expected, it’s important to follow some simple rules:

  1. Be a nice geek.
    Be polite, respect the moderators, and watch your language. Social skills 101. And yes, you can be banned from the forum.

  2. Search before you ask.
    Search the forum, the FAQs, and the wiki before posting. If you ask something that has already been answered, you will most likely be redirected to the previous answer; it will just take you longer to get there.

  3. Write questions to the best of you abilities.
    The better you write your question, the most likely you’ll get the answer you’re looking for. This includes:
    • Post your question on the right forum topic.
    • Use a meaningful and specific title for your post. Stuff like: “Please help!” won’t get the attention you might expect.
    • Be precise and informative on your problem. Specify the environment, describe the symptoms, describe what you have already tried, and ideally specify the steps to reproduce the problem.
    • Finally, write using the best possible spelling and grammar you can. Nobody will make fun if your english is not perfect, but if they can’t understand what you’ve written, you won’t get an answer.
  4. Don’t do anything fishy.
    Members that abuse the forum will not be tolerated. These are the top fishy things that come to mind, which should be avoided:
    • Any kind of illegal activity. First and foremost, it should be avoided!
    • Cross-posting. Blasting a post in all possible categories is considered rude and annoying.
    • Spam. Like cross-posting but on top of everything, completely off-topic.
    • Post homework questions. It’s just not cool.
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